Please read these documents carefully and complete the mandatory forms on return to the pool.

Here is a brief outline of the new procedures:

  • Children are to be dropped off at the Front door of Life Leisure pool ready.  This means Swimwear to be worn under clothes/onesie etc.  
  • They will be able to enter the poolside via the cafe, no more than 10 minutes before the session 
  • No parents/guardians are to enter the building. 
  • The children need to bring goggles etc (no sharing or use club equipment).
  • Belongings are to be kept to a minimum and stored pool side
  • Swimmers are to have their own water bottles that are easily identifiable
  • After the session, swimmers are to put on onesies etc over swimwear poolside
  • Exit from the pool is via the backdoor

NOTE: Information and documents on this page will be updated regularly as guidance changes. – Date of last change 5/9/2020

COVID Contacts:

Amy Caine (COVID 19 – Lead) – Email:

Mark Ralph (Club Chair) – Email:


Risk Assessment – Updated 3/10/2020

The following forms must be competed and returned on your first training session. No swimmer will be allowed to return to training unless completed.

Forms can be handed to your coach when you enter the facility or emailed to at least 24 hours prior to your session.