As a member of Barrow ASC you will be expected to adhere to the following rules and guidelines; 

General behaviour 

  1. Treat all members of our Club and the wider swimming community equally, with respect and cordiality. 
  2. The use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment (either actual or via social media), or physical violence will not be tolerated and will result in action being taken in line with the Club discipline procedures (see Sanctions). 
  3. Display a high standard of behaviour at all times, and always report any undesirable actions by others to an appropriate club official. This also includes when off poolside, for example, in changing areas. 
  4. Recognise and celebrate good performances from your team-mates. 

Behaviour during Training 

  1. Treat your Coach and fellow swimmers with respect 
  2. Arrive on poolside in good time to complete the pre-swim warm-up. 
  3. Face and listen to your Coach when training instructions are being delivered – do not interrupt but equally please ensure you understand, and always act upon feedback. 
  4. Complete every length, practising the correct turn at each end of length. This also means allowing team- mates room to complete their lengths and turns so do not obstruct the end of the lane or wall. 
  5. Do not sit or pull on lane ropes and remain in your lane unless instructed to move over by your Coach. 
  6. Follow your Coach’s exact instruction – do not skip lengths or sets, even if fellow swimmers do not complete them. 
  7. Concentrate on ensuring you are training to the best of your ability and leave the lane discipline of other swimmers to the Coach. 
  8. No diving in unless told to by a coach
  1. Always start from the wall and travel in the correct direction
  2. Following swimmers must leave a 5 second gap before setting off, unless instructed otherwise by your Coach.
  3. No stopping mid length unless allowing a swimmer to overtake, swimmers must overtake without grabbing the swimmer in front and only take over where safe to do so. Work together share the leading out. 
  4. All swimmers must finish at the wall and move to the side to allow the incoming swimming to touch
  5. Only take the required rest
  6. Swimmers are encouraged to drink during training to maintain hydration levels, however this should be done during the set and not used as an excuse to stop. No fizzy drinks!
  1. No splashing or spitting
  2. Pay attention to instructions. Ask coaches or helpers do not stop other swimmers if you are in doubt
  3. Swimmers should use the toilet before the start of the sessions, if you really need to go ask at the end of a set, try not to ask during a set as you will lose the benefit of the session.
  1. Respect all swimmers, leisure staff and coaching team

If invited to Land Training sessions, ensure you are respectful to the instructor and be mindful of other users of the gym facility, including by wearing appropriate, comfortable and modest training attire. 


Technique is paramount to swimmers and it is essential you take on points and feedback from your Coach. Correct turns and finishes should always be done to the best of your ability. Technique is in your own hands, coaches can provide you with method to improve however you must practise them in order to see improvement. The Coach cannot swim for you !!

Attitude to training

Swimming is a demanding and challenging sport, swimmers must be prepared to work hard, get stuck in, push themselves and show the determination to achieve. Swimmers must remain coachable. Success is your own destiny. Whether you are a recreational, leisure, club, County, Regional or National performer you should all have individual goals you strive to achieve. Whatever your ability the club will work with you to achieve your goals and potential, never give up and never under estimate what you can achieve.


Swimmers should have their own equipment and it should have names on and preferably in a net bag to prevent it getting mixed up. We provide storage for a limited number of bags. We expect swimmers to take bags home every 3 months to wash everything thoroughly in fresh water to prevent infection and keep the pool / pool deck free from germs.

  • D Squad – Costume / Club Hat
    • B Squad – Costume / Club Hat / Pull Buoy / Fins / Kick Board
    • A Squad – Costume / Club Hat / Pull Buoy / Fins / Kick Board / Hand Paddles

We do have a limited amount of spare equipment for use during sessions should you not have certain equipment.


  1. Barrow ASC expect impeccable levels of respectful behaviour at all galas, open meets and competitions, at whatever level. The guidelines in our General Behaviour section apply and should be extended towards the swimmers and club officials of all competing clubs. 
  2. Ensure you arrive poolside in good time, wearing Club approved attire, fully equipped with swimwear, goggles and the Club Hat, and prepared with sufficient drinks and nutritious snacks. We have a zero-tolerance policy to sweets and fizzy drinks during competition.
  3. Club expects the following official club attire to be worn by swimmers when representing the club. (Club Branded Swim Cap) and (Club Branded Polo Shirt or Club Branded T-Shirt)
  4. Mobile telephones, cameras or tablet devices are not allowed poolside. 
  5. Report to your Coach or Team manager on arrival and commence the warm-up as directed. 
  6. Barrow ASC is a team – stay with your team and support your team-mates. If you need to leave poolside please inform the Team Manager/Coach. 
  7. After your own race report to your Coach for feedback. 
  8. Swim down sensibly after the race if the facility is available. Do not remain in the pool chatting and blocking the lane. If there is no swim down pool, complete appropriate stretches as instructed by the Coach. 

Never leave an event before the end unless permission has been obtained from your Coach/team manager.