We are a very friendly club and welcome new members from Learn to Swim Stage 7 , Swimmers from Age 6 and above.

We hold trails once each month, if you would like to join please email headcoach@barrowasc.co.uk and we will advise of the date of the next trail.

We also advertise trail sessions on the club Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/barrowasc

You can also fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

New member Policy:

Every NEW member is entailed to 3 sessions which includes the initial trail session before they are required to join and pay for insurance. (Our trail policy is here: https://www.barrowasc.co.uk/member-information/policies/trail-session-policy/ )

After the initial 3 sessions please complete a new member form and pay the required membership cost.


Session Fees:

Members are required to pay for membership fees by Direct Debit

To setup ‘Direct Debit’ – Click your squad below to setup – (Most New members are D-Squad)

Setup Direct Debit – D Squad – £30/Month

Setup Direct Debit – B Squad – £40/Month

Setup Direct Debit – A Squad – £50/Month

Setup Direct Debit – A Squad inc Monday Invite – £57/Month

Squad Fees are correct as of March 2023, because of increase in pool hire they are likely to increase so we can cover our running costs (Imminent increase in Pool Hire)

By setting up the ‘Direct Debit’ you agree to the following.

Once the direct debit has been setup we will automatically amend the payments when you child moves squad.

We will also amend the ‘Direct Debit’ payment should there be a change in the clubs squad fees. We will give 14 days notice of this by email.

Payments are taken on the 10th of each month for the given month. – Example Fees for October 1st to October 31st is taken on the 10th October.

If you child wishes to leave the club you must email headcoach@barrowasc.co.uk stating the date you wish to leave, your payments will stop on the 10th of the next month + a minimum 30 days. – For a example if you email to leave the club on the 21st September , your last payment will be the 10th October and you will be entailed to swim until the 31st October. Your Childs Swim England membership will also be lapsed.

We use GoCardless to process ‘Direct Debit’ payments on behalf of the club, GoCardless privacy policy can be found on their website: https://gocardless.com/privacy/

New Swimmer Enquiry Form.

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