Insurance is payable in January each year, it is mandatory that insurance is paid after a successful trail at the club of 3 sessions.

We also require ALL poolside helpers, coaches and officials to have Swim England Insurance.

SwimEngland Fees

£18.00 SwimEngland Cat 1
(Swimmers Age 8 and under @ 31st Dec 2020)

£37.00 SwimEngland Cat 2
(Swimmers Age 9 and over @ 31st Dec 2020)

£15.00 SwimEngland Cat 3
(Parents / Poolside Helpers)

(Discounted rate of insurance maybe available for members who join after October)

What are SwimEngland Fees?
SwimEnglandFees are made up as follows,

  • SwimEngland Membership
  • Insurance
  • Swim North-West Contribution
  • Cumbria ASA Contribution
  • Club Insurance

Your SwimEngland fees are used to support the structure of the SwimEngland including regional events, Rankings and support to clubs which includes training & safeguarding.

Swim England also have additional discounts and benefits available to members, current benefits can be found on the Swim England website HERE