SwimMark accreditation is Swim England’s quality standard for clubs.  It recognises high standards of governance, sustainability and effectiveness.

What is SwimMark about?

  • Creating the best possible swimming experience for all
  • Raising the quality of aquatics provision across all areas.

Barrow ASC is committed to FULL accreditation and is currently accredited up to the 30th April 2024

The clubs SwimMark Co-ordinator is Mark Ralph – markrswim@gmail.com

To be open and transparent to our members below are some of documents which make up our SwimMark submission.

1Club Development/Business Plan detailing the clubs two year objectives with a related action plan.Our current plan is as follows.

Ensure financial viability of the club whilst managing increase in pool hire

Ensure SwimMark is a club priority.

Give the swimmers the opportunity to compete in a range of events which are suitable to their ability

Increase specialised coaching sessions and coach CPD sessions.

Increase the number of officials
 2Club annual budget (must include latest accounts, current budget and one year forecast) Information supplied for budget and forecast must include a breakdown of income and expenditure.Latest club accounts have been circulated to members prior to 2023 AGM. 

Club has budget which is mindful of the operating costs for the following year. (Pool Hire)
 3Club equality plan to reflect equitable practices across the clubClub Equality Plan Published
 4Workforce training needs analysis (TNA).Club has advised Swim England of our Training Needs which include:

New Officials
Upcoming Safeguarding Renewals
Future coaching needs
(New coaches as required)
Evidence the Swim England region has approved the club constitution (in line with Regional Management Board Requirements).
Evidence Region has approved constitution
 6Club Welfare Officer statement of compliance to Wavepower 2020- 23 policies.
Welfare Officer Statement
7Club Chair statement of compliance.Club Chairs Statement
8Upload the clubs code of conduct for each of the following:·
Club Administrators
Members (Athletes)

The codes of conduct must be in line with Wavepower 2020-23 templates.
Club Code of Conducts
9Sample membership form relevant to members and volunteers, which gathers contact information including medical details, two emergency contacts, club data protection statement, photographic consent and declaration to abide by code of conductClub Membership Form
10One completed risk assessment for each of the following (if applicable):

Pool based activity (regular training) for each discipline delivered. 

This is the minimum requirement.
Club trip (travel to competition/social event),
Non pool based activity (land training, social event etc). 

Optional:One Pool based competition activity(delivery or attendance).

Optional: One overnight stay for training orcompetition.·       All risk assessments must include the name of the person    undertaking the risk assessment and date conducted.
Club has risk assessments for its activities and are continually updated as required.

Pool Based Risk Assessment in Coaches Area of Website.  
11Detail club emergency procedures for each facility used.Club Emergency Plans & Pool Providers EOP & NOP Circulated submitted to Swim England and made available to coaches in the ‘Coaches Area’ of the club website. https://www.barrowasc.co.uk/member-information/coaches-area/ 
  12Club programme detailing club timetable, number of swimmers within each section/squad, number of lanes (swimming only) and number of teachers/coaches within each section (with level of qualification)Club Timetable

Coaches Qualifications

Swim England Coaching Policy
13Club Personnel Report of ALL club workforce (Teachers, Coaches, Technical Officials,Governance roles including Club Welfare Officer, Competition positions, Support positions) to include: In date DBS and Approved Safeguarding for all eligible roles Minimum qualification for the role being undertaken as per the Personnel Report Role Descriptor Guidance

Time to Listen and Safeguarding certificates for Club Welfare Officer

A minimum of one relevant club member having completed the IOS (Institute of Swimming) Introduction to Disability Swimming online CPD
Club has submitted all members roles to Swim England and is committed to ensure workforce is only delivering sessions within the scope of their qualifications. 

See Element 6 for confirmation of DBS from Welfare Officer

DBS Confirmation and Matrix

Proof of Welfare Officer Time to Listen Qualification

Disability CPD
(See Element 15)
14Please upload PDP overview or Chairs’Statement (please use template) for the Head Coach and/or Head Teacher of EACHDISCIPLINE covered by the clubClub Chairs Statement
signed by Head Coach(s)
15Proof of completion for ‘a relevant person withinthe club’ for the IoS (Institute of Swimming) Introduction to Disability Swimming online CPDClub of Disability CPD by Head Coach