Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance
The welfare of all our athletes, coaches, workforce and volunteers is of paramount importance.

This communication is designed to inform, rather than alarm, and contains relevant links to the most up-to-date guidance from the Government and Public Health England regarding novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Government has issued advice around travel to and from certain areas as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation develops. Please read the latest advice here. This is updated regularly.

ALL participants, coaches, volunteers and spectators precautions to help reduce the spread of infection, please wash your hands when you arrive at the leisure centre and before you leave.

For the latest infection control advice, please click here.

It is our expectation that Swim England members will comply with the latest Government and NHS guidance. This can be found on the Public Health England website. If you feel unwell, please call NHS 111 for advice.

Anyone that is showing any of the symptoms would would ask that you do not attend the leisure centre or any events and notify us immediately.

Swim England and Barrow ASC will be continuing to plan for our events as normal but we will be following Government guidance and assessing risk as appropriate

Barrow pool uses a UV system for cleaning the water, however chlorine is still added to the water which should kill any bacteria. The biggest risk for our swimmers would be in the changing rooms, however if you follow advice and wash hands regular this should lower the risk.

Goggles / Swim Caps – During this period to lower any risk until further notice we will not allow usage of our spare goggles and swim caps so please make sure your child has their own at all times. We will keep you informed regarding any disruption to future events / galas that affect our swimmers.

Many thanks for your cooperation.